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Welcome To The Jungle…

Welcome To The Dark & Foreboding Continent…

The Dark Congo Awaits You!

I, Bob Glynn, am your guide. I have vast knowledge and experience in catching all forms of fish and in hunting world wide often in dangerous and exploratory conditions.

We offer you two types of fishing trip to the Congo River:

The goliath tiger fish is seen as the last frontier in game fishing. They are as strong as any Mahseer and with blinding runs and difficulty of hooking, it’s a merger between a Tarpons hard plated mouth and a Mahseers crushing power.

But what an awesome sight; a sleek alien looking fish with teeth that will rip your leg of in a moment, and you obviously have to handle them with extreme caution.

I am happy to accompany any party as host and offer expert advise on a daily basis (POA). The camps have local guides who know the area like the back of there hand both and are controlled by Belgian Nationals.

One trip is in Democratic Republic of Congo (DCR) so you will fly into Kinshasa collect airport. The other is Republic of Congo (RC) and so you will fly into Brazzaville collect airport. Transfers to hotel and lodge are included in cost.

We cater for 1-8 persons small parties who may have to join a larger group.

Best times are June-October in the Dry season.

Flights are generally routed through Paris on Air France, being the largest carrier.

Please surf our site for detailed information on each individual trip.